Evidence Audio SIS Monorail cable kit



Save space on your pedalboard and eliminate signal failures!


Evidence Audio’s Monorail Solder-Free Patch Cable Kits.

Evidence Audio introduces the perfect 1/4″ plug for use with their award-winning Monorail cable: the SIS (Screw In Solderless) plug.

The SIS plugs are unique in that they allow the cable’s copper core to be screwed directly into the plug.

This creates an airtight connection for the best possible signal transfer in a solderless cable.

Better yet, the plugs can be removed and used again at any time as part of a new or different cable!

As used by David Gilmour, Noel Gallagher, Graham Coxton, Ed O’Brien of Radiohead, Josh Smith, Guthrie Govan and Andy Timmons.

Save space on your pedalboard and eliminate signal failures!

The Monorail cable is true to the voicing priorities of Evidence Audio in a form factor that allows you to get great sound in small spaces.

Strand interaction is mitigated with the same 20 awg IGL conductor used in Evidence Audio’s renowned Lyric, Siren and Melody cables.

Evidence Audio SIS Patch Cable Kit Features:

• Monorail sound quality.

• Convenience to build and rebuild without solder.

• Compact cable and plug combination.

• Low Capacitance: May be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off.

• No signal failures in the middle of a song anymore!

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10' Black Cable, 10' Burgundy Cable, 20' Black Cable (+CAD$39.50 ), 20' Burgundy Cable (+CAD$39.50 )


10 Plugs (+CAD$21.90 ), 20 Plugs (+CAD$131.40 ), 30 Plugs (+CAD$240.90 ), 8 Plugs


Right Angle Plugs, Straight Plugs