Engineering a
pure sound

We started in 2018 in the search of a pure and clear sound. Handmade from the finest components, every product is hand built one at a time in Quebec city, Canada. Created and built by musicians for musicians, all of our products deliver pure, richly detailed tones.
Tone Design
Tone Design

Exceptional and meticulous work.
Tone Design takes the time to discuss and work according to what you want.Pat St-PierreProud Customer

They are not afraid to question what you want to really meet your needs.
Communication is present from the design to the final product.
All stages of production was confirmed for a perfect satisfaction. Passion is reflected in the work.

Tone Design
Big Moments

Only one year old but lots have changed since day 1. We can’t send enough thank you to everybody who believes in us.


Tone Design was born

Lots of work coming in only from word of mouth


Over 1000 followers on Facebook
Deal with RJM
Deal with Blackbird Pedalboards

We have a relentless devotion to quality, integrity and
ethical business practices. Comprised of true craftsmen,
Tone Design refuses to compromise quality for cost savings.

Only 1 year old but we’ve been around the block.
Musicians at heart, we know what quality should be,
soundwise by giving the most accurate signal transfer possible.
Each product is certified to meet very rigid specifications, which are published and verifiable. Only technical expertise combined with knowledge can result in the kind of performance that Tone Design put out.

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